The Kerschbaumer wines

Our time-consuming and ancient production method makes our Kerschbaumer wines very special. We offer 5 sorts of Kerschbaumer wine (vintage 2013):

The Grüne Veltliner scents like a whole basket full of fresh fruit, intense after yellow apples and quinces, additionally this noble pepper piquancy. Well balanced on the palate with an exciting arc of acid, creates a combination of density and lightness. ... Click for more details.
The Kerschbaumer Rivaner 2013 scents like a flowery spring meadow. There are also subtle nutmeg flavors on the palate, mild and balanced. A very lightweight Rivaner, which is already very rarely available. ... Click for more details.
It is a Rosé wine with intense flavors of blackberry and cherry fruit. The wine is light-footed, without concealing his Zweigelt origin. Very playful on the palate and refreshing. ... Click for more details.
Very inspiring aroma of ripe bears and herbs. Abundance and acid are well balanced on the palate – with a typical Veltliner spiciness. ... Click for more details.
Smells like a tree of ripe apples in an autumn flower meadow. On the palate very juicy, like a bite into a crunchy fruit. Tastes very strong, triggers the desire for a second sip. ... Click for more details.